Why Kim Rose, David Lauer and their out of town bikers lie
As you can see on this website, there are many reasons why this trail is awful for Northampton and no reason why it is beneficial:
Its cost to taxpayers to construct and maintain
Destruction of homes and wildlife
Unprecedented number of dangerous road crossings
Northampton history of protecting residents from noise and damage
Northampton history of protecting residents from loss of value
Having a steady stream of strangers on back yards near the children playing, same reasons why Welch school parents don't want it near the playground and why the entire school district closes on election days. Not fear mongering.
The reason they are lying is that Kim Rose wants to be elected again as Supervisor and the only way she can get elected is if she gets the help of out of town biker groups.  She has no accomplishments to stand on and as a result has very low in-town support.  She voted against it in the past, saying she didn't want to cost the township one dime.  However, getting help from out of town bikers is her only hope, therefore, she has changed her position and is hurting thousands of us as a result.   This bike trail does not stand on merit; the only way to convince people to want it is to lie about it.  Here are the lies and truths:
1.   Lie: They need the facts.
     Truth: They have all of the facts that are needed, and the facts support NOT doing the rail trail or the creek trails.  The facts can be found all over this website.  The engineering study will NOT provide additional facts; it will provide information related to construction questions, not decision questions.  Kim Rose finally admitted that her desire for "facts" was a lie, as she stated in her campaign that the engineering study is "the essential first step to make the trail a reality."
2.  Lie: The study is "free."
     Truth:   David Lauer said that his first act will be to pass the expenditure for a study.
3.  Lie: The tracks are ugly, rusted, weed infested and trash strewn.
     Truth: This is our back yards.  Why would we be fighting to protect ugly, rusted, weed infestations?  Our yards are beautiful wooded areas where our children currently play and where deer and other wildlife thrive.  The bikers want to ruin it by destroying the woods and constructing a 12-foot public road, causing our children to loose their own back yard play area.
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4.  Lie: Residents are fear mongering about risk of crime and harm to children.
    Truth: Kim Rose herself voted against putting a business near children in Richboro because a customer may harm a child.  For her own personal gain, she is now denying the risk of harm she is placing our children on their own properties.  The school district, concerned about the safety of its children during elections when registered voters come into its buildings, closes schools on election days.  Also, the district and township are talking about closing the trail next to the Welch Elementary School during school hours.  Kim Rose is not yelling "fear mongering" to the school district, is she?  She's not demanding the schools stay open for education on voting days, is she?  No.  Why isn't she?  Because there is a reasonable concern about the safety of children. 
5.  Lie: Kim Rose won't raise taxes.  
     Truth: Kim Rose voted to raise taxes on _______.  Pushing this $25 million dollar bike path through our yards, and pushing the township to purchase a $13 million dollar golf course near her house to keep her neighborhood quiet will inflict an additional $38 million dollars worth of spending onto our residents.  A person who pushed to raise taxes in the past and who is now pushing for $38 million dollars of wasteful projects for her own personal gain is going to raise taxes.  
6.  Lie: There are 3 or 4 neighbors who don't want it.  
     Truth: There are hundreds of adjacent homeowners who don't want it, and thousands of township citizens who don't want it.  These citizens have overcrowded the supervisor meetings to make their feelings known, while the bikers have the same 2 people each month.  The township actually has fought in court for its residents in order to avoid putting a utility pole on someone's lawn because it's ugly, and Kim Rose want to tear down trees to put a road across hundreds of lawns.
7.  Lie: It will impact only residents on the rail line.
   Truth: It will impact thousands of residents who live in the area who will be affected by traffic stoppages at numerous crossings, and by thousands of additional residents who will be getting a trail along the creek behind their homes as the next step (see _____). 
These flyers outline additional lies told by Kim Rose and David Lauer.
Please help us and the township.  Vote for Andrew Gannon and Frank O'Donnell for Northampton Supervisor.