Richboro Village Master Plan Trails

Have you heard about the Richboro Village Master Plan prepared by the Bucks County Planning Commission? There are many changes proposed for traffic, walkability and appearance, including plans to create bicycle trails on or next to your property (see map below).  These trails would be like the “Rails to Trails” project, a proposed bicycle trail along the railroad tracks in Holland and Churchville.  The trail was defeated in 2016 due to costs to Northampton taxpayers, disruption of residential neighborhoods, and stranger danger from transient users.  We oppose trails that are adjacent to homes and we hope you do too.


Currently, a handful of township residents along with the out of town bicycle clubs are trying to revive trails in the November election.  They are canvassing Northampton, telling our residents that trails will not increase taxes and will be safe. This has not been proven true anywhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania or the U.S.  If they are successful, they will build the Ironworks Creek Trail into Richboro, also on or near your property.  


Although there are dozens of miles of trails and other recreational areas within and surrounding Northampton, the trail advocates want more!  Their reasons as stated in 2016: "we are bored with existing facilities and it’s too much trouble to load a bike on a car and drive to a nearby trail.” If the trail advocates announced their complete trail plans for Northampton, including Richboro, they would be faced with thousands of residents in opposition. Instead, they are demanding one trail at a time, hoping to overtake smaller opposing groups for each trail location. Divide and conquer is their strategy.  For now, trail advocates want the rail trail, a proposed bicycle trail along the railroad tracks in Holland and Churchville which will serve as the trunk line, or “spine.”  When that is completed, they will be back with the same rationale to build more branch trails into Richboro and other neighborhoods along the creeks which intersect the railroad tracks.  The Richboro Village Master Plan and Riparian Buffer Zone along the Ironworks & Pine Run Creeks will provide them with approved locations for “more connectivity and trails,” this time in YOUR back yard, and at YOUR expense. The county and township will NOT pay for fencing, and may even prohibit it.  The time to act is now!

This is not fear mongering; this is fact as shown throughout this website, and it is coming if we don’t stop them at the rail road tracks!

See map below:  - - - - - Red lines - - - - -  are Potential Trails, from page 52 of the plan.  

Click HERE to see the full Richboro Village Master Plan.  Note PDF pages 76-79/108, same as pages 52-53 on the document.