Council Rock is worried about kids' safety;

2 of 4 Supervisor candidates are not

Out of town bikers who want to build a back alley through 200 Northampton properties will tell you that crime is not an issue.  A Southampton Bike club has publicly stated that concerns of "Stranger Danger" are simply "Fear Mongering". In fact, crimes happen to trail users and to those who live adjacent and nearby.  Nuisance crimes happen to property owners but are rarely reported.  Major crimes do get reported, however, and are documented here.


This proposed alley will be out of view of police and the public and in view of people's residences and children playing in their yards.   People on the trail can watch the homes 24/7 undetected, and will be in arm's reach of little children in the perceived safety of their property. There is nothing comparable to this proposed open public trail that would be 45 feet from the doors of many homes.  Nor should there ever be.  Why anybody thinks this is a good idea is a mystery.  However, Kim Rose and David Lauer, running for Township Supervisor, want to spend millions of our tax dollars perpetuating a trail that was voted down in 2002, 2012 and in 2016 for many good reasons!  They believe that misinformed voters will support them and are throwing our kids under the bus for their own personal gain.  

Stranger Danger in Schools, Yards

The Superintendent of our local school district, Council Rock, states that schools are closed to children on voting days because "you have the general public coming into those buildings, the potential was there for something negative to happen..."  Even registered voters who live in the voting district, who are documented in the sign-in books, and who are engaged in the responsible activity of voting, create a safety risk, but unknown and undocumented strangers coming from all parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, who are not registered anywhere, can waltz through people's lawns and play areas?   The number of children living at or near the unused railroad track can fill a school. Clearly no one would want a trail going through a school or schoolyard, why the yards of residents? Thank you Council Rock School District for your proactive approach to our children's safety.  We couldn't agree more.  Hopefully future Northampton Supervisors will also agree.

Officials hope fence will improve security at CR school; park is adjacent to playground

Planned fence in response to parent concerns about people from adjacent park coming close to Welch students.

By Chris English, Bucks County Courrier Times 10/11/17


Here is how easy it is to snatch a child from a play area.  With parent permission, this researcher "abducted" these children. How easy it will be to just grab a child in their own yard with a road built there.  CLICK HERE to see real cases.

Please don't put a public trail in our children's rear yards.

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